Important – Regular Aircon re-gassing/services


Important – Regular Aircon re-gassing/services

Re-gas of a vehicle’s aircon is important due to particles being clogged up in the compressor. Along with dirt and moisture this can lead to the air-con not working of working insufficiently.

Re-gassing an aircon can prevent metal fillings from forming in the compressor.


How often do you need to re-gas your vehicles aircon? 

As per factory standards it is advisable to re-gas the aircon of you vehicle every 2 years.


How do you know if your vehicles air-con needs re-gassing?

  1. Your air-con system will start to make a hissing or bubbling noise, because your AC system does not use refrigerant like gas does, the primary reason for low refrigerant levels are leaks. Refrigerant leaks can be hard to detect, because gas is colorless and odorless. However the refrigerants leaving the unit may make the hissing or bubbling sound as indicated above.
  2. Ice buildup in you HVAC system can also be an indication that your air-con needs re-gassing. This line is made up out of copper that can develop a layer or coat of frozen particles due to faults in the evaporation coil. The coils allows the refrigerant fluids to flow through the system and thus will become far too cold if there is a leak, this causes the fluids to become icy. The backflow of the refrigerant will eventually cause damage to the systems compressor as well.
  3. When your aircon is taking too long to get cold it can be an indication of low gas in your air-conditioning system.
  4. The air that flows out of the vents of the vehicle may also feel like it is not blowing as cold as it used to. This is the most obvious reason that the air-con needs re-gassing.
  5. On hot and sunny days, the aircon may not bring the vehicle to the temperature that it should be.
  6. Your air-con may leave a funny or bad odor if it needs a service.


What services are practiced when doing an air-con re-gas?

  1. All the drive belts, pulleys, thermostats and hoses are checked for any sign of leaks, cracks or any indication of damaged parts.
  2. The whole system lines and components are tested for leaks.
  3. New specific air-con oil is added to the system.
  4. The condenser temperature is checked.
  5. The vehicle will be run to check the vent temperature.
  6. And last but certainly not least, the gas will be refilled.


How can you maintain your vehicles aircon?

  1. Run the air-con system at least once a week. It is especially important to run it in the winter to maintain the refrigerant gas pressure.
  2. Always keep your window closed when the vehicles aircon is on. Open windows mean that the air-conditioned air is being released and lost outside, so the fuel being used to operate the aircon is being wasted.
  3. Have your system professionally serviced every 2 years, like every other area of your vehicle.



Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to maintain you vehicle in a suitable way or contact us for expert advice.

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