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The definition of perfection is: “the action or process of improving something until it is faultless”

At VAG Spec Centre we always put our customers first. In fact, our mission to be “BETTER THAN THE DEALER” drives our employees beyond what is expected and to service levels above the norm.

Engine Reconditioning

We have specialist engine rebuilders in each branch to make sure we can repair even the most advanced engine problems.

Mechatronic Repairs

Mechatronics is the ‘heart’ of the DSG and Stronic gearbox. Unfortunately these units tend to start giving problems as early as 60 000 km. At VAG Spec Centre we can repair the mechatronic unit instead of expensive replacements at dealers.

Turbo Replacement/Reconditioning

Turbo failure is a common problem on VW and Audi vehicles (like all other turbo motors). VAG Spec Centre knows these vehicles extremely well and can diagnose a turbo problem or failure very quickly. Replacement of the turbo, turbo actuator or relevant components can be done in a day if parts are available.

Steering & Suspension Repairs

Replacement of all steering and suspension parts like:

  • Upper & lower control arms
  • Shock absorbers
  • Ball joints
  • Connecting links
  • Complete front suspension kits and more.

Why Choose Us

We are The Advantage in Your Car

Having someone passionate looking after your pride and joy means you can be sure of the best service possible. At VAG Spec Centre we understand that the customer is the most important person in our world. That means that we will look after your car better than our own. We truly are the advantage your car deserves.


Frequently Asked Questions

Its really easy to contact us. We have links to our Contact Us page everywhere on the website. Right below this block is a button as well. 
Simply complete the form or Whatsapp us and we will assist you within minutes.

All Interval, Minor and Major services can be done in a day. Keep in mind that our technicians and Workshop manager are subject to stringent quality control measure and that we take extra time to make sure your car is 100% before we hand the keys back. 

Should we take longer than a day with your repairs, you can rest assured that we are comprehensively insured and that your vehicle will be safely locked up. We take care to look after your vehicle better than our own.

All our workshops can take cash, card and EFT payments. Selected workshops even take Fleetcards. Enquire before you book.

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