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Frequently Asked Questions

A short list of the most common questions we get asked by our customers.

An interval service is due every 30 000km. With an interval service we replace the engine oil, oil filter, sump plug, air filter and pollen filter.

A minor service is due every 15 000km. With a minor service we replace the engine oil, oil filter and sump plug.

A major service is due 60 000km. With a major service we replace the engine oil, oil filter, sump plug, air filter pollen filter, fuel filter and spark plugs. 

Have you ever wondered why a timing belt and water pump need to be replaced together? It is also recommended by the manufacturer. Here is why:

The water pump is a cooling system component responsible for preventing the engine from overheating. In most engines, it is driven by the timing belt and derives its power from the crankshaft. This means that if the timing belt is in poor condition, the water pump will start to malfunction sooner rather than later.

You can also save on labour costs by replacing these parts simultaneously, because whenever you replace the timing belt, you must remove the water pump to access it.

Another reason to replace the water pump along with the timing belt is to avoid water pump seizure. The timing belt runs on the water pump, putting it at risk if something goes wrong with the pump. When the water pump seizes, the gears stop turning with such force that it will almost always break the timing belt, leading to significant engine damage.


Regular Questions

We offer a 12 month/20 000 km warranty (whichever comes first) on all work we do. This is the same as the warranty offered by franchised dealer workshops.

We offer the customer the choice of fitting OEM parts or suitable aftermarket replacement parts. Whatever you choose, our 12 month/20 000 km warranty will be applicable.

Very few workshops have the ability, specials tools and software to repair the mechatronic unit in your VW or Audi. Franchise dealers will simply replace it with extremely expensive new parts. Save half the amount and let VAG Spec Centre repair it for you.

A brake fluid service is an essential part of vehicle maintenance that ensures the brake system operates effectively and safely. Here’s why it’s necessary and when it should be done:

  1. Maintains Braking Efficiency: Brake fluid is vital for the hydraulic operation of your brake system. It transmits the force from your brake pedal to the brake pads or shoes, enabling your vehicle to stop.

  2. Prevents Moisture Contamination: Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture over time from the air. This moisture can lower the boiling point of the brake fluid, leading to reduced braking performance and increased risk of brake failure under heavy braking conditions.

  3. Avoids Corrosion: Moisture in the brake fluid can also lead to the corrosion of brake system components, such as brake lines, callipers, and the master cylinder. Corrosion can cause leaks and other serious issues that compromise your braking system’s integrity.

  4. Ensures Safety: Properly maintained brake fluid ensures that your vehicle's brakes work efficiently, providing you with the necessary stopping power. This is crucial for your safety and the safety of others on the road.

All our workshops are RMI accredited. We pride ourselves in our 5 star rated workshops which gives you, our valued customers, peace of mind when dealing with the best aftermarket VW & Audi specialists in South Africa.

Our technicians are highly qualified ex


former VW & Audi technicians who come from the dealership network. We employ only the best and therefor you know that VAG Spec Centre technicians are just as good as the technicians at your local dealer.

You are welcome to wait for minor services and repairs but you are also welcome to leave your vehicle at our premises. We are comprehensively insured and your car is just as safe with us as in your own driveway.

All our workshops can take cash, card and EFT payments. Selected workshops even take Fleetcards. Enquire before you book.

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