Service intervals: Know when to service


Service intervals: Know when to service

We as a dealer cannot really explain how many times we have to explain each and every service and what needs to be replaced with every service interval.

In General we normally change the following components when the following services are due:

Firstly Minor Service:

Km intervals when due?

15 000km

45 000km

75 000km

105 000km

135 000km

165 000km

195 000km

225 000km

255 000km

285 000km


What components are replaced?

Oil ( this may differ from car to car, cars with bigger engines take more oil than cars with smaller engines).

Oil Filter( Vagspeccentre only use original VW and Audi Oil Filters)

Sump Plug( This is the plug of the sump where the oil is that we drain with every single service interval, as per dealer standard we also change the sump plug)


Secondly Interval Service:

Km intervals when due?

30 000km

90 000km

150 000km

210 000km

270 000km


What components are replaced?


Oil Filter

Sump Plug

Air Filter( Air filter is changed 2/3 service intervals, this is a very important filter that filters the air that enters the engine, in order for no harmful particulars enter the engine)

Pollen filter/ Cabin Filter( this filter , filters the aircon, we also use disinfectant spray when changing the pollen filter)


Km intervals when due?

60 000km

120 000km

180 000km

240 000km

300 000km


What components are replaced?


Oil Filter

Sump Plug

Air Filter

Pollen Filter

Spark Plugs( if the vehicle is a petrol driven car we replace spark plugs) ( Petrol driven cars use spark plugs and diesel driven cars use glow plugs)

Fuel Filter( to the naked eye your fuel looks clean but in some cases there is harmful particulars in your fuel that can cause major damaged to your engine, and for that reason there is a fuel filter)


We Also get a lot of questions regarding gearbox services, when they are due and if they are necessary?

Like any other components of your car the gearbox and the engine work equally hard. So my question to you is? If it is necessary to change your engine oil then why not your gearbox oil as well.

What is the service intervals?

Well it is advisable to change your gearbox oil along with your gearbox filter/sifter every 60 000km.

Most dealers will tell you this is not necessary , that there oil is life time oil that never needs to be replaced.

Again its debatable, and up to you as the owner of the vehicle if this is something you feel needs to be replaced or  not.


We at Vagspeccentre Menlyn make it convenient for you, you can just send your km reading along with a picture of your licence  disc or your vin number to us via


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And a quote will be forward to you as soon as possible.


We also give our customers the peace of mind of 12 months or 20 000km guarantee on all services and repairs done by our workshop.


You will not regret it !

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