Mechatronics and the Gearbox


Mechatronics and the Gearbox

What is a mechatronic unit?

A mechatronic unit is the control centre of the gearbox. It is found in the gearbox where we have the direct-shift gear oil (DSG). Its task is to manage the torque converter and the clutch pad of the gearbox via the transmission fluid under specific pressure

We do have extensive knowledge in DSG and OB5 Gearboxes!!!!!!

Our highly qualified technicians here at VAG Spec Centre Menlyn have repaired these Mechatronics more than once. We unlike many other workshops do repair the Mechatronics Unit along with the oil and the filter.

This is much more cost effective and we use a thicker casing which in time will make sure your Mechatronics is not vulnerable again.

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