Reasons behind Volkswagen Engine Oil Leaks


Reasons behind Volkswagen Engine Oil Leaks

There are many reasons why your Volkswagen may have oil leaks.

Oil leaks can have a very damaging outcome to the rubber parts of your engine, it may cause the rubber parts to wear more often.

Even worse- a oil leak can result in a fire.

The major causes of oil leaks comes down to simply wear and tear parts in your engine. This wear and tear is unpreventable over time, it will happen sooner or later.

Among the parts that causes oil leaks that wear is the valve gasket-when you take too long between oil changes, dust and other particles gather up and increase the pressure in the oil gaskets, causing the gaskets or seals to crack and cause oil leaks.

Your oil pan (in other words sump) is also a big cause of oil leaks on Volkswagen vehicles, this may be because of the drain plug at the bottom of the oil pan becomes worn out, or loses its threads.

Another part that is a big component of oil leaks is the oil filter. This part can too get worn out. This is also result of dust or soil that bags up in the engine. Additionally the oil filter is one of the parts that some people change on their own time, and some often changes the filter themselves- in result of changing the oil filter , it has to be fitted correctly in its designated place, if fitted incorrect , that may also result in oil leaks.

Overhaul the pressure in the engine is extremely high and some parts such as seals can be strained. The straining wears them out causing leaks.

Signs of an oil leak:

1.Blue smoke coming from exhaust.

2.Burning oil smell in the cabin of your vehicle.

3.A puddle or droplets of oil when vehicle is at still standing position such as driveway or garage.

4.Poor/Incorrect oil can also lead to leaks.

How to prevent oil leaks:

In order to prevent the frustrating expenses of replacing damaged parts that may also arise, it is advisable to follow some prevention tips.

The most common prevention is services your vehicle regularly. If you cannot seem to find anything that can lead to oil leaks it is advisable to take the vehicle to specialist that can assist you for looking whether parts are worn , torn or needs to be replaced.

Having your engine cleaned up regularly will also prevent your vehicle from forming oil leaks and with that changing your vehicles oil with the correct spec oil suitable for the vehicle.

Be sure to immediately check to take the vehicle in or try to get the oil leak fixed as soon as you see any of these signs .

The best engine oil to use for your Volkswagen vehicle is fully synthetic oil , best would be just to get the original oil from your nearest VW dealer , or indicate to your regular service provider what type of oil you would like to be replaced in your vehicle.

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