Spanner Flashing on Cluster.


Spanner Flashing on Cluster.

Spanner Flashing on Cluster.

Spanner Flashing on Cluster when changing gears.

If I had a R1 for every time a customer phone me in hysteria when a spanner was flashing on there cluster where the gears change, let’s just say I would be a Billionaire. I’m making a joke but this is far from a joke. A spanner flashing on your cluster can be one of two things:

  1. Depending on where it flashes the spanner can also indicate that a service is due. Is a service not as important? Absolutely is a service equally important but let’s rather say the gearbox one is more costly and if left for too long can cause some Major Damaged.
  2. The spanner that flashes at the gear selection, well this is without at the least very difficult to diagnose without proper diagnoses.

Customers think that just because we work with cars every day, we tend to know everything about cars. For the most part this is true but what is more important is giving our customers the right information and accurate quote on repairs.

Our Ultimate goal is to have each and every customer satisfied to the extent that they will not consider another workshop again and we gain a customer for life. I think is why sometimes when we cannot find the fault at first glans, Customer tend to get edgy and think we do not know what we are doing.

On a daily basis we get customers phoning us, “hi there I need your help please…… my car is not changing gears/gear?” One thing we have to really come to terms with is that a vehicle is not just a gearbox. A gearbox is not just one component, the gearbox consist out of the following parts that can and may fail at any given time:

  1. The Clutch
  2. The Flywheel
  3. The Mechatronics Unit
  4. The Gear Selector
  5. Or the gearbox its self

In most of the new modern time cars you have to clutch packs. One of the clutch packs tun with the even gears and the other with the uneven gears. So, in some cases we for instance when the car is not taking gears 2,4,6 this means the clutch pack has a problem.

We the car does not want to drive at all, well then it can be the mechatronics unit. How does this happen? Well what happens is you have a housing for the mechatronics. So, you are able to change from one gear to another with oil pressure within this housing. What happens when this crack? And what can we possibly do to repair it?

Vagspeccentre Replaces the housing of 1,5 mm in width with a housing of 3mm. This means the housing is no twice as thick and can withstand pressure better. Well if you get this housing why does VW and Audi just do this from the start? Good question if you find out please leave a comment. Along with the housing we basically overhaul your mechatronics, replacing the board, solenoids, seals and oil. Using the correct oil is not an option, it’s a necessity.

When you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to select gears, well in most cases it can be the gear selector within the box. This is not a common problem but we have had this problem in the past.

But for the few very unfortunate few in some cases your gearbox is to the extend where it will either need to be replaced with a new or second hand gearbox.

Vagspeccentre Menlyn is your VW and Audi Specialist. If you have a problem with your gearbox and find yourself with any of the above mentioned scenarios do not trust anyone else except  Vagspeccentre Menlyn.

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