VAGSpec Vehicle Inspections


VAGSpec Vehicle Inspections

Here at VAGSpec Centre we inspect your vehicle in full.

We offer free safety checks, general checks and fluid leak checks.

We check for the following:


  1. Brakes – We check whether your brake pads or discs are worn. We check how much percentage it has left and inform the customer.  We also check for any cracks or rust and if the pads have reach their wear limit. Regarding the discs we will check if it has wedges and if they are warped. We will look at the entire brake system like brake fluid levels. After brakes are done we will check these levels and bleed the entire brake system, it will then go for a test drive to test the new pads or discs to ensure 100% brakes are applied and that the system is in good working condition.


  1. CV joints – We check the inner and outer CV joints as well as the CV boots and shafts. Here we check if the joints are leaking and if it has the correct amount of grease to keep it lubricated. Regarding the CV joint boots we will closely if there are any cracks, tears, rips or punctures where the grease could leak out. We will check that all the CV clamps are secured and if they are the correct clamps, if not we will assure that the correct clamp is fitted. After inspecting the CV joints we will then test the vehicle to see if there are any vibrations or noises that occur when turning the vehicle.


  1. All suspension parts including bushes- From control arm bushes to stabilizer links, we check for broken, worn or torn parts. We will make sure that all the control arms are correctly fitted and that their bushes / hydraulic bushes are not leaking any fluids and/or that their not torn. We will inspect the tie rod ends to assure that they are secured properly and joined correctly. Thereafter we will test the vehicle so feel is suspension is hard and if there are any knocking noises that occurs when going over bumps.


  1. Flushes – We offer 2 types of flushes: Coolant flush and brake fluid flush and service. With this flushes we completely flush the whole coolant or brake system and fill it up with original coolant of brake fluid. These flushes needs to be done every 2 years. With a coolant flush we flush the entire cooling system and refill the water bottle with original coolant, this coolant flush prevents the engine from corroding. Regarding the brake fluid flush- We drain the old brake fluid and refill the system with the correct amount of new fluid, we then bleed the entire system to ensure that the brake fluid enters the whole system.



  1. Cambelt Kit – It the specific vehicle has a cambelt we check whether it is due for replacement or if the belt itself is still in good condition. Cambelt needs to be replaced every 5 years or 90 000-120 000 km. We will check the belt for any signs of wear or tear, the belt will seem glossy if worn out. We will check all the rollers and tensioners if still secured and not damaged. With the cambelt kit we will also inspect the water pump for any leaks. If the belt is not due recording to odometer or age, but has any of the signs that leads to replacement, we will ensure to inform the client and to give them a quotation for replacement.


  1. Oil leaks- We check whether a vehicle has any minor oil leaks that is not completely visible. We check for oil leaks from the gearbox to the engine. We will start by checking the level on the oil dipstick, thereafter we will start to inspect visually underneath the vehicle by pulling it on the lift. If any leaks are found we will closely inspect if any parts needs replacement of if it is just a worn out gasket.


  1. Water leaks- With water leaks we will firstly do a pressure test to check if that could help out to indicate where the leaks are coming from. We will check if all the water related parts such as the radiator, water pump and even water bottle is still in working condition and if it has any cracks or damages. Thereafter we will check all the pipes connected to the water system.


  1. Aircon re-gas- We do an aircon re-gas as a complete service. We check that the aircon makes cold and that it has the right amount of gas.


  1. Diagnostics- We also provide the services of diagnosing the vehicle in full. We put the diagnostics machine on the vehicle and inspect for any faults of part failures. We pay full attention to diagnosing a vehicle. We will test the vehicle with the machine on to ensure that the correct faults are found for a specific scenario.


  1. Shock Absorbers- We inspect the vehicles shocks to check whether they are leaking oil. We check that the shock mountings are not torn as well. If suspected that the shocks are due for replacement we test the vehicle to check if what we see results in the vehicles performance. We will start by doing the most important thing, and that is to test the shocks n=by pressing down on the vehicle to check whether the absorber stays down or pushes back up. Thereafter we will lift it up and check if they are leaking any oil. Lastly we will lower the vehicle again to have a look at the top shock mountings, here we will inspect them wisely through looking if there are any tears or brittleness.



We will always assure that the vehicle is inspected in full. We strive for the best quality services and will assure every client that steps foot through our doors that the wheels that drives out our doors are in best condition possible, if not we will always provide free quotations on the necessary  parts that needs to be replaced.


We pay full attention to the finest details of each and every part on every vehicle. We will assure you that after your vehicle has been with VAGSpec that you will know about every component on your vehicle that needs attention.