Vagspeccentre Group, We deal with Most Warranty groups in South Africa.


Vagspeccentre Group, We deal with Most Warranty groups in South Africa.

We have good news for all the warranty holders out there!!


These are some of the warranty groups we deal with:


Innovation Group









These are not the only one’s but we have dealt the most with these above mentioned warranty group.


How does this process work you may ask if you are new to this?


Here is a step by step how it works.

  • First of all you need to bring in your vehicle in.
  • Secondly you fill in three documents(two of which are compulsory with the Covid -19)
  • Photos will be take of the car before entering the workshop to ensure that the car leaves the workshop in the same condition as entered.
  • Your car will be taken into the workshop and diagnosed by a technician.
  • The technician will the write a report that will state the findings.
  • The lady in the office will then contact your warranty provider with the following information:

·         Your jobcard number

·         Your mileage reading

·         Our dealer code

·         The report of the finding

·         Photo’s( in some of the cases) of the part that needs to be replaced.

·         Copies of the Last 4 services done

·         And a quotation of what the repairs will cost

  • In most cases the warranty have brackets that will tell us what is the most they will be paying out for a specific component and many of the warranties only pay at for one component.
  • When they do authorise the quotation a we will receive a letter from them with the authorisation number on it.


The Vagspeccentre Group is able to claim from any of these warranty groups because all of our branches are RMI approved and we have met all the necessary standards that needs to be met by the RMI.


You do not have to take your car to a specific dealer if it is not specified by your option of plan or warranty group of choice when you have a warranty as long as they are RMI approved and your plan requests that you have to take it to any RMI approved dealer. In most cases and with most warranties you are able to fit aftermarket parts as long as the dealer gives you a guarantee on the parts.


With Vagspeccentre Group we give you a 12 months or 20 000km guarantee on all parts that we supply and fit and that will be that case with most of the RMI approved dealers the terms might just vary it might be 6 months and 10 000km but rarely to never less than that.


For your convenience we have opened stores and here follows information regarding them:


Vagspeccentre Randburg

Service Advisor: Natasja

Telephone number: 060 944 7149



Address: 210 A Bram Fischer Drive , Kensignton B, Randburg, Johannesburg


Vagspeccentre Menlyn

Service Advisor: Albert

Telephone number: 061 500 8229



Address: Menlyn Motor City,Cnr Garsfontein road & Lois Botha Ave,Menlyn, Pretoria East


Vagspeccentre Zeerust

Service Advisor: Charmaine

Telephone number: 072 979 2379



Address: 60 Church Street, Zeerust, North West


Vagspeccentre Nelspruit

Service Advisor: Semone

Telephone number: 064 936 6529/ 061 585 6892



Address: Unit G, 4 Rapid Street, Riverside Industrial, Nelspruit,1200


Vagspeccentre Cape Town

Service Advisor: Allison

Telephone Number: 064 524 8814



Address: Unit 6, Watershed Business Park, Viro Crescent, Stikland Industrial, Belville,7530


We give the best service and that’s a testament of how fast we as a group, company and family is growing.


Trust the best , to do the best quality of work on your automotive!!!