Vw & Audi Mechatronics


Vw & Audi Mechatronics

The mechatronic unit of your vehicle takes electronic signals and diverts them into hydraulic power to make your gearbox function.

This unit is the control center of your vehicle’s gearbox.

It is located on the gearbox where it gets direct DSG oil (direct shift gear).

The main task is to manage the torque converter and the clutch pad of the gearbox through the transmission fluid under a specific pressure.

  1. Not selecting gears.
  2. Gearbox error/malfunction.
  3. Check gear selection switching.

Do you get a cheaper and yet efficient alternative way to repair mechatronics without replacing the complete unit?

Yes, there is indeed an alternative, we offer repair kits on all 7 speed mechatronic units.

Why do mechatronic units often fail?

The IC motor and high pressure fuel pump are common parts for failing DSG mechatronic units.

Pressure leaks can make that the high pressure fuel pump can over work and burn out.

The part failure of these 2 components are mainly secondary.

What oil do I use in my Volkswagen or Audi DSG mechatronics?

The best brand to use is original VW and Audi Mechatronics oil – G 004 000 M2