What do we offer you at Vagspeccentre Menlyn VW and Audi Specialist.


What do we offer you at Vagspeccentre Menlyn VW and Audi Specialist.

Vagspeccentre Menlyn VW and Audi offers you more than just a workshop with technicians.


We offer you:

Qualified Technicians

Friendly Reception Staff

Dealer Diagnostic Equipment

Original Audi and VW Oil Filters


What does it mean when we say we specialize in VW and Audi?


Well lets just say the list gets longer before it gets shorter.

In a nutshell we offer you the following:

  • We do all your routine services(Major , Interval and Minor).
  • We do brake pads and brake disc replacements.
  • We do Clutch and Clutch Kit Replacements along with your flywheel.
  • We do timing belt and timing chain replacements along with your Water pump.
  • We do suspension kits, C.V. joints and driveshaft Replacements.
  • We specialise in OB5 and DSG gearboxes.
  • We repair mechatronics.
  • We do Engine overhauls and we replace engines.
  • We replace turbo’s and we do turbo performance upgrades.
  • We also do diagnostics and full diagnostic testing.
  • We do Programming as well as software.
  • We also do aircon repairs and we do aircon re-gas.


What if I have a warranty?

No problem , Vagspeccentre is RMI approved and we deal with most warranty groups.


But how do I know that I can leave my car with you?

Albert du Toit is the Workshop Manager. He is regarded as a Master Technician in his respective field. He has extensive knowledge of all the new cars and technologies.

Your question should be , “Why have I not been at Vagspeccentre Menlyn yet”.


Do Not Delay!!! Make your booking no later than Today!!!

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